DownThemAll! Firefox add-on 2.07

Mozilla Firefox add-on that allows users to easily download everything available on a web page

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    Firefox add-on 2.07

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    Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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    7.3 (36)

DownThemAll! is a versatile download assistant for Mozilla Firefox that significantly increases the browser's capacity for downloading anything from the Web.

This intuitive plug-in is designed to make downloading files from the Internet much easier and way faster. It will locate every file that is stored on a web page and compile all of the media into a compact list. The media can sorted by a variety of attributes including size, date of creation and file type. Users can then select any files they want to keep, and the software will initiate the download immediately.

DownThemAll! is streamlined and accessible, so everyone can enjoy a rapid downloading experience that is extra fast and organized. While the interface is compatible with the standard Firefox download manager, it is recommended that users pair it with a third party one instead. This will maximize the plug-in's potential to download several items at once. It is possible to collect thousands of files simultaneously, and file transfers can be instantly resumed in case of an unexpected system crash.

When DownThemAll! scans a site, it can often locate items that are hidden in the database but not shown on the page. The intuitive plug-in is especially useful on sites that contain music, pictures and videos. Large collections of text files can be downloaded in seconds. Most files maintain their original name, but it is easy to change the tagged texts. Alterations can be done individually or collectively during batch downloads.

Despite being one of the most practical and beneficial tools available for Firefox, Mozilla has occasionally failed to support DownThemAll!, particularly when upgrading to a newer version. As a result, some users have resorted to running older versions of Firefox to maintain this plug-in's functionality.

There is no cost associated with this extension, but it does have a tendency to request donations frequently. Overall, the software probably deserves support, but the repeated pop-ups asking for help are definitely a drawback.

Besides some minor compatibility and advertising issues, the only real downfall for DownThemAll! is its tendency to have memory leaks. While they are constantly being fixed with new patches and updates, this is an important consideration to have in mind if you are already short on RAM. Otherwise, this plug-in is one of the finest available for Firefox!


  • Can be used to download almost any file stored on any web page
  • Simple interface makes it easy to organize a comprehensive library of downloaded files
  • Multiplies the speed of most downloads significantly
  • Works with most third party download managers
  • Completely free to use


  • Downloading too many files at one time can hog memory and cause the system to slow down
  • Compatibility is not always guaranteed for users running the latest versions of Firefox
  • There are quite a few donation requests via pop-up notifications

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